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Hi, I'm Nikki. (:

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Forever… the video #MetroHearts

Since I have 33,000 and not doing anything with my blog, I will start going on it more.


I need new blogs to follow, new followers that won’t judge me like before (why I stopped coming on) if you want me to follow you, just we’re blog this and I’ll follow you. Must be following me though!!! Since I haven’t been on in a few months I know barely anyone will see this cause they don’t care, but please reblog!

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i will promote the first 20 to click yes! you’ll gain about 50-100 but if you see a cancel you’re too late sorry :/

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80% of people wouldn’t open this.
17% would open it and close it.
Only 3% would reblog this and pray for a cure.♥
I’m that 3%. 
^ proud of it

aww. how sweet. this was so nice. i love reading nice things on my dash!